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Brian Beltramo shares about how easy it is to try to climb the ladder in sports only to find that it leads to nowhere.

Points de discussion:

  • Coaches and athletes are always trying to be “successful,” but win or lose they often end up feeling empty in the end.
  • God’s version of success is about courage, focus, and meditating on God’s Word. Joshua 1:9
  • Significance comes from finding your true purpose for playing sports. This means getting your eyes off of the program and onto people. Matthew 22:37-39
Parler de ça
  1. Quelle est votre réaction initiale à ce sujet? Qu'est-ce qui vous a sauté aux yeux?
  2. Who is the most successful athlete you’ve ever played with or against? What made them successful? Do you think they feel significant?
  3. Read Joshua 1:9. How can you apply this passage speaking to your situation as an athlete?
  4. Why do you play sports? What do you hope to get from it in the end?
  5. Name a coach or athlete who impacted you in a significant way. How did they do it? Whom have you impacted through sports?
  6. Write a personal action step based on this conversation. How can you get your eyes off of the program and on to people?

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