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Do you like it when people just go through the motions with you?

Points clés:

  • Spending time with someone because you have to is belittling to them. But spending time with them because you want to honors them.
  • If you stop seeing earthly things as your treasures and start seeing God as your true treasure, you start seeing all things from a godly perspective. When you choose Christ above other things you implicitly show the value of God in your life.
  • Christ is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him and when you treasure him even through struggle and pain.

Citer ceci:

Matthew 6:21 “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will be also.”

Parler de ça
  1. Quelle est votre réaction initiale à ce sujet? Qu'est-ce qui vous a sauté aux yeux?
  2. Have you ever felt belittled by someone who was only spending time with you out of obligation? If so, what kinds of feelings did you/do you have towards that person?
  3. Read John 6:21. What are some ways you can start shifting your thinking to regard God as your “treasure”?
  4. How does understanding the value of God help you treasure him in difficult times?
  5. Who is a godly example in your life? What makes them different from others?
  6. Lues Job 22: 23-26. What is the sound thinking behind these verses? How can they help us understand how to value God and how can they be used improperly?
  7. Y a-t-il une étape à prendre en fonction du sujet d'aujourd'hui?

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